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Parallels: Show OSX Dock in Fullscreen Mode

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Windows 7 via Parallels because Adobe’s Creative Cloud Apps run better on Windows than they do on OSX.  I know, blasphemy.  Anyway, I need to be in full-screen mode to utilize my dual monitors while in Windows but I also need to access  OSX’s Dock & Programs without exiting Parallels Full-Screen mode. So after playing around I figured out how to accomplish this and want to share it. The keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • Parallels Enter Full-screen Mode: CTL + COMMAND + F
  • Show OSX Doc while in Full-screen Mode: CTL + D + Alt/Option

The trick with this shortcut is you don’t press all three keys at once. You press and hold each key one after the other. So that’s it! I hope this was quick, to the point and helpful for you.

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